A general overview of the CoinMarketCap website and utilities

CoinMarketCap’s site hosts a lot of information and can be difficult for some beginners to navigate. In this video, we offer a walkthrough of some of the primary utilities within their user interface to help you better understand how to navigate their platform.


Hello and Welcome! In today’s video we will be going through a general overview of a website known as Coin Market Cap. We will also be discussing the functionality of this site throughout this series. And together we will discover, learn, and attempt to answer all of your questions regarding CMC.

Now let’s open our browser and head over to the site. Once here the first thing I like to do is change this to dark mode to make it easier on my eyes. And secondly, if this is your first time here, feel free to save this to your bookmarks.

Coin Market Cap is what’s known as a cryptocurrency aggregator. Its job is to gather data and compile information about the crypto projects that are listed on its website. Not only does CMC gather data but it also refreshes it every 60 seconds, giving us the most up to date information about the projects that we are currently researching.

Looking across the top you will be greeted with a snapshot of some of the most important information on this site. This will show you how many cryptos that are listed on the site, and how many exchanges they have on record. It also shows what the current total market cap is, and what the 24-hour market volume has been. And finally, it shows you what the Bitcoin and Ethereum market dominance is, along with what the current Ethereum gas fees are for that blockchain and all the projects that are on it.

Below that and in the center of the screen are a few more tabs you can hover over to get more information about the topics that are listed here. The cryptocurrency tab will give you relative information about cryptocurrencies such as ranking, categories and global charts. NFT info is also available for current stats and upcoming sales. And finally, you can also gather on-chain data including DEX pairs and rankings. Feel free to explore these topics further to learn more about each of them.

The exchanges, community and learn tabs are also full of useful information you can look into at your leisure. The last tab I would like to point out is the products tab. This tab has lots of tools you may find useful.

The converter will allow you to type in any crypto that is listed on this site and get an exact conversion rate to a different currency. For example, we will type in BNB in the left window, and moving over to the right window will allow you to choose between the different currencies that you want to get conversion rates for.

These options include fiat, precious metals, and other cryptos. I’ll keep it at USD for our example. The top window is where you can enter the amount you would like to convert. Subsequently, entering 5 BNB in this window will output its current worth in US dollars.

Under Campaigns you’ll see categories such as air drops, daily log in rewards, and a learn and earn section. Next to these are a couple of calendars and some tools to assist you if you are building a website. In an effort to keep this video relatively short I will let you discover these options on your own.

The following three windows share some interesting information and can be cycled through by clicking on the dots at the bottom of their respective screens. This can also be turned off by clicking on this highlight toggle.

Under these windows you have a few more categories you can look into, again feel free to explore around to learn more about these options as well. The real meat and potatoes of this site is the crypto pricing and chart information. Clicking on any of these cryptos will open up a new window with a metric ton of information about that specific coin.

For example, if we click on BNB, this is the window that opens up for us. I realize that this looks overwhelming, but with a willingness to learn and some patience, this will all become second nature. As we scroll through this page you can see that it is loaded with an enormous amount of information.
From general info and current market conditions. To charts and a full explanation of what the coin is and how it works. All of this, along with current and historical pricing data.

Now that we have covered a general overview of this website and some of its capabilities, we will dive further in future videos, as we discover more about the use and functionality of coin market cap.

Thank you for joining us today to learn about these tools. Please be sure to check out our other videos in the university, as we continue to explore this subject, along with other crypto related topics.

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