Set up your account and learn to navigate the site and useful tools.

Dig deeper into the CoinMarketCap platform by setting up your account. Doing this will open up options to set up a portfolio to assist in tracking all your investments in one place. Watchlists, portfolios, community pages, airdrops, and tracking are just a few of this fantastic application’s tools.


Hello and Welcome! In today’s video we will be diving back into Coin Market Cap. Our discussion today will consist of setting up an account and logging in for the first time. We will also dig through our profile menu, check out the notifications tab, and look into the daily log in rewards.

Go ahead and open your browser and let’s head over to the site. Once here, let’s click on the signup tab to enter our email and set our password.

Clicking on the create an account tab will load a captcha screen, let’s move our way through this to verify our email address. Now we need to head over to our email and grab the provided code. You can copy the code and then go back and paste it into the empty field.

The next few pop ups will give you an explanation of what we are going to discuss throughout this video. Feel free to skip through these as we will dive into each of them in more detail. On the final pop up complete your profile and on the following page you can upload a profile picture and enter in a display name. Now let’s save our profile and start exploring around the site.

First let’s hover over our profile icon and click on our name. This screen will allow you to upload a background and avatar picture. You can also edit your display and usernames as well as add other details. On the right of the page there are trending topics, trending tokens, and some recommended accounts you can follow.

Going back to our avatar icon let’s click on watchlist. On this page you can edit the name of your main watchlist and add a description. Clicking on the down arrow will allow you to add a new watchlist if you have need for more than one.

From here you can start adding coins from the top right menu or the center of the screen. For this example, I’ll just pick a few of these and add them to the watchlist. Please note that if you hold down control on PC, or command on Mac then you can pick multiple coins at the same time.

If you decide at a later date that you no longer want a token on your watchlist, then just click on the star next to its name and it will be removed. You can also click on a token name to go to that specific token page and clicking on the 3 dots and choosing any of the options will take you to the same page as well.

Next, we will cover the portfolio section. Instead of hovering over the avatar icon we can simply click here to access the portfolio screen. From this page you can now edit your portfolio which will allow you to change your avatar pic and its name.

As you can see, I have created a portfolio which I have named Test. Clicking on this button will allow you to create new portfolios for all your specific needs. You are also given the option to either connect your wallet or add transactions manually, I prefer using the manual option.

Let’s click on the add transaction manually option, next you will be asked to enter your portfolio name, and for this example I will use the BNB token. At the top we have three transaction types, I’ll just stick with the buy transaction type for now.

Next enter the quantity of the token that you purchased, and make sure the date and time are correct, and feel free to add any gas or other fees you may have paid when you completed the transaction.

You can also add notes to help you remember anything specific about the transaction. When all the metadata has been entered it will display the total that you spent on that coin. Now just click the add button to add the transaction to your portfolio.

The following page is where all the magic happens. Because Coin Market Cap is a live service your portfolio will adjust accordingly to the live updates of the application. From here you can see your current balance, all-time profit and your best and worst performers.

This chart will show you the activity over the last 24 hours, the last week, and the last month. You can also check the last 90 days, and an all-time snapshot on how the token has performed historically. As you continue to add tokens to your portfolio the allocation section will fill out.

With the coin we just added you will have a few options at the bottom as well. Starting on the right, and clicking on the three dots, will allow you to move your assets or remove them completely. You can also add another transaction by clicking the plus button. And by clicking anywhere in this section you can open a snapshot view of your token and open the edit window for that specific transaction.

From here you can edit any of the metadata for the purchase you made, and clicking anywhere in this space will give you a snapshot of all the data you entered when you initially added this token to your portfolio. And of course, clicking the back button will take you back to your portfolio screen.

Next, we have the my community page. This is set up for the social aspect of the site and to get caught up on breaking news within the crypto space. You also have several trending topics you can check out, along with the top performing coins, and several recommended accounts that you can choose to follow.

If you would like to make any changes to your profile, you can do so here. Clicking on these three dots will allow you to view the community guidelines and to verify your account. You can also set up your notifications, read through a curated list of aggregated news articles, and start making your own posts within the community.

Hovering over your avatar icon once more, you will see the settings tab. Opening this screen will allow you to access your profile information along with your account security and notification settings. As you can see there are several ways for you to find pertinent information throughout this website.

Next to our avatar icon we have the notifications tab. This will open a window that will display all the global and community notifications that have been addressed to your account. And opening the community tab will allow you to view the latest announcements within your communities.

And finally, we have the diamond icon. Clicking on this will open a page that will allow you to collect the website currency which can be spent on several different rewards. You will get diamonds by logging in daily and clicking on this icon.

It refreshes every 24 hours, and if you log in and collect daily you can earn up to a hundred and forty diamonds a week. There are also various other tasks that you can complete to earn more diamonds. And lastly, clicking on the rewards tab will display all the items you can purchase with your diamonds.

Below the icons previously mentioned is the search box. This can be used to search for coins that have been listed on the site. The different token pairs that Have been aggregated. The contract addresses for the projects within the application, and all the exchanges that have been indexed as well.

Please note, coin market cap also has a mobile application for both android and iPhone devices. The functionality of the mobile app is top notch, and I typically use it as my daily driver over the website. For an at your fingertips, simplistic, and an on the go crypto information source, I highly recommend it.

Thank you for joining us today to learn about this application! Please be sure to check out our other videos in the university, as we continue to explore this subject, along with other crypto related topics.

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