Learn how to navigate token pages like a pro.

Navigating a token page can seem overwhelming at first glance, from understanding what all the links, numbers, graphs, and sections represent, to becoming a pro and jumping into areas that hold the most value for you and the projects you are researching. In this video, we will break it down into an understandable and easy-to-follow format for you.


Hello and Welcome! In today’s video we are going to discuss the nuances of a token page in coin market cap. Learning how to read through a token page, and knowing where to look to quickly find the information you want will be key in your crypto investing journey.

As usual, let’s open our browser and go to the site. The home page is where you will find all the tokens, for this example I will use the B N B token. The following screen is loaded with information about the coin we clicked on. As we scroll through this page, you’ll notice that all the data is laid out in sections, this is to help you quickly locate exactly what it is you are looking for.

In the top left section, all of the links have been grouped together for your convenience. Next to the token acronym are the watchlist and follow buttons. Below those are where you can find the tokens for the current listing rank.

And under the tokens rank, you will find the links to its website, the different blockchain explorers it can be found on, along with links to its community and social accounts, and finally, a link to the tokens audit page.

Moving to the right we have a quick view of the coins pricing information. This section will show you the current price, along with the 24-hour high and low index. You can also see a snapshot of the tokens current market cap, 24-hour volume, and its circulating supply.

Below the first 2 sections there are several tabs that can be used to access more in-depth information. The overview will show you the pricing, market cap, and trading view charts.

There is also an option to compare this token with others by clicking the down arrow. And there are several historical time frames that you can choose from, these range from 24 hours to an all-time view of this data.

Clicking on the market button will allow you to see all the combined exchanges that the coin is offered on. This also gives you the option to choose between centralized or decentralized exchanges, along with the ability to check the different market types. You can either choose spot, perpetual, or future trading options on this page.

The next tab to the right will give you a deeper dive into the coins’ historical data. This information displays the daily market changes for the token. You also have the option to go back to a specific date with the calendar and a quick snapshot of the annual high for the previous 5 years.

The news tab headlines the latest articles about the specific token you are researching. And next to that you have speculative pricing estimates that are submitted by the users and community members of coin market cap.

Finally, there is the more info button, which gives further information about the holders of the token. It also displays current project information, including social stats, several wallet provider options, and lastly, a list of the projects’ most recent social posts.

Next, we will take a look at the community section. At the top you have an option to follow this project, and clicking on the view community button will allow you to view the token on your community page.

In this area you can find all the recent announcements for the project and if you are logged in you can post discussions here. Below that you will also have the option to view the top and latest community posts as well.

Next, we are going to discuss my 2 favorite sections on the token page. First, is the, what is, section. And secondly, the price statistics page. Both of these can be expanded, and each section has a wealth of information which will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the project.

Let’s jump into the, what is section, and expand it to see what information we can gather about this token. The first couple of paragraphs will give a brief history of the token, and then moves on to discuss the founders of the project, including a short bio about each of them.

Moving on, it begins to become more interesting. The following paragraphs will clarify what makes the token unique. Giving a brief history of the project and further explaining the use case of the token.

In the next set of paragraphs, you will discover more about the utility and functionality of the token in question. In this example you can see that BNB has 2 burn mechanisms associated with its utility. Different projects will have different use cases and utilities, and this is the section where you can find that information.

Continuing down you will discover the related pages section. This area is used to further educate yourself on the different aspects of the crypto industry. You will typically find articles and explanations discussing similar tokens to the one you are currently researching, various crypto terminologies, and decentralized applications, just to name a few.

If you continue reading you will also discover paragraphs discussing the tokens circulation supply. How the project’s network has been secured. And of course, which market places you can visit to purchase this token.

The final section I would like to discuss is the price statistics. Again, we will click on the, show more button, to expand this section. At the top is another snapshot of the general price information about this token.

I prefer to focus on the historical pricing data in this section. It is crucial to know and understand the daily moving price averages on a token you are interested in investing in.

This is where you can get the moving price averages for the past week all the way through the past year. This information can help you determine if this entry point will be sustainable for returns on your investment.

The all-time high and low pricing stats, coupled with the information we gathered earlier, can help you understand how the coin has performed throughout its lifetime. This can help you determine if the current price will fit into your investment strategy.

Please note that most of the pricing information that is displayed on CMC is from when the token was actually listed on the website. It may not include pricing from any private sales, presales, or any initial coin offerings prior to the coin being listed within this application.

And finally at the bottom of the page you will see a few more articles and social price estimates you can check out. As you can see the amount of information on offer is staggering. We hope this video has been helpful in educating you on the use of this tool, and that it will continue to be an invaluable resource for all your crypto endeavors.

Thank you for joining us today to learn about this application! Please be sure to check out our other videos in the university, as we continue to explore this subject, along with other crypto related topics.

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