Import and recover your Trust Wallet

This video will discuss how to recover or import your Trust Wallet. If you already use your wallet on another platform, you can import it to another device and start making transactions. We will show you how to import your Trust Wallet using the recovery phrase and password generated when your wallet was created.


Hello and Welcome. In one of our previous videos, we discussed the steps on how to setup a new trust wallet. Today we will cover the details of how to import or recover a wallet within the trust wallet application. For this example, we will act as though we have lost access to our device and need to recover our trust wallet on a new computer.

As we have previously done, we will start by clicking on the Trust wallet browser extension. On this page you will see a couple of options. Either create a new wallet, import, or recover an existing wallet. Go ahead and click on the import or recover wallet button. It’s important to note that both importing and recovering a wallet are essentially the same thing.

On this screen there will be a drop-down dialog box, and some empty boxes to fill in. Please note that the drop-down section will allow you to pick either a 12- or 24-word recovery phrase. Trust wallet uses the standard 12-word phrase, which is what we will be using for this example.

Because we are using a test wallet in this example, I will paste the recovery phrase into the first empty field, and this will then auto fill all the fields for us. As we have mentioned before, it’s best to write down your recovery phrase and always store it offline. Now let’s click on the proceed button to continue.

On this screen you will be asked to enter in a password. Please note that you’ll need to check the terms of use box before moving on to the next page. And as always, write down your password and save it in a safe place.

On the following page trust wallet will ask you for permission to gather usage data. I prefer to stay anonymous, so I always click on the No thanks button.

Now that you have completed all the steps, the following screen will confirm that you have successfully imported or recovered your wallet. As you can see the wallet will automatically be set as the default wallet on your device or computer. Feel free to keep it this way or you can toggle it off if you prefer. They also have instructions on how to pin the extension if you haven’t already done that.

Now click on the Open Wallet tab, and you will be presented with a pop up with a couple more tips. Feel free to read through them and when you have completed that, click on the last button to open and start using your recovered wallet.

Congratulations on importing or recovering your trust wallet! Thank you for joining us today to learn about this process. Please be sure to check out our other videos in the university that will further explain the functionality of this, and other crypto related topics.

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